To join Rita Raccoon and Sleepy Pom on our ‘Lifeboatique’ stall this Sunday at Swanage Lifeboat Week, I’ve been frantically knitting them a friend: Brian Bunny.

The pattern for Brian came from my much-cherished (and now slightly dog-eared) copy of Donna Wilson's The Odd-bod Bunch, where he’s actually called Bunny Blue - but Bunny Blue is, strangely enough, blue. My rabbit is yellow - hence Brian.

Brian, naturally, has four ears:

I thought it only right at this point, to bring Brian’s knitted companions out to the garden to join the photo-shoot. Aided by Kim, our mother-in-law Karina, and a *small* quantity of cider and wine, I came over all Austin Powers:

This is the gang in Jack’s wigwam:

Rita took the gang out for a spin…

Tennis on the lawn…

At this point, it all got a bit out of control and, thanks to my manaical mother-in-law, Rita unfortunately ended up running over Sleepy Pom with a child’s lawnmower:

The moral of the story is: don’t drink and Instagram. With homemade stuffed toys.