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It was my birthday on Tuesday (hurrah!) and I was a thoroughly spoilt girl!

After being taken out for dinner by my folks on Monday night and given a gorgeous Italian leather holdall (thanks, Mum and Dad!), I headed back to Swanage on Tuesday morning for lunch with two of my lovely bridesmaids and their little boys.

When Matt got home from work, we opened a bottle of bubbly and I was allowed to open my birthday cards and presents. As well as a hoard of gift vouchers for various lovely shops and the local beauty spa (hello there, massage!) from family and friends, Matt treated me to a KINDLE! Whoop!

After presenting me with this most exciting of gifts, he whipped out an extra present from my friend Sara - she had sneakily knitted me up my very own Kindle cosy with a lovely squishy rib stitch in tangerine orange:

It’s so very lovely to be on the receiving end of handmade gifts - it’s really heart-warming to know someone special has spent hours making something just for you.

Another wonderful surprise was to open a gift from my pal Melody and her daughter Amber, who now live in Manchester, so I don’t get to see them very often. Just take a look at this beautiful ball of yarn necklace charm - thank you, girls xxx

Then my lovely Matthew whisked me out for dinner at our favourite pub in Swanage and, as an extra surprise, he’d arranged for some of our friends to meet us for a few swift pints afterwards - not only that but there was cake! And Clever Kim had personally knitted a ribbon to adorn it!

It seemed a shame to jettison the ribbon after we’d eaten the cake, so (after a glass of wine or two) I put it to another use…

(Slightly more sultry a pose than I’d intended!)

Kim and Gav also gave me a truly beautiful book for my birthday - I spotted Mel Clark's Knitting Everyday Finery in an issue of Mollie Makes a few months ago, and Kim very cunningly remembered me swooning over it.

I just can’t wait to get cracking on a project from my new book - just as soon as I’ve finished knitting for our stall at Swanage Lifeboat Week, I’ll be on the case!

Thank you to everyone who sent messages, cards and gifts, and to those who shared the day with me - you’re all wonderful and I feel very lucky indeed xxx


I arrived home from work today to find a parcel waiting for me - I wracked my brains to think of what it could possibly be: what had I ordered online? Being rather poor right now, I was pretty sure I hadn’t done any internet shopping. It must be the mobile phone insurance details I was waiting for, I conceded.

Much to my delight, however, it was no such thing; instead, it was a gift from my lovely friend Sara’s lovely mum, Maureen.¬†Inside the jiffy bag was a cute little postcard with a sweet handwritten message:

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and support at Sara’s wedding…"

"…am enclosing a small gift for you that I hope you can make use of - I immediately thought of you when I saw them!"

Tucked inside was a beautiful pair of soft, squidgy Urban Knit moss stitch boot toppers in the most luscious teal colour:

Not only that but there was a packet of gorgeous little felt hearts, flowers and other shapes, which I can’t wait to adorn some knitting projects with:

So I wasted no time and popped my boot toppers straight on my wellies for our dog walk this evening - and mighty cosy they were too!

What a kind and thoughtful gift - thank you, Maureen :-) xxx